Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Balance Point Surfer

I was updating the tagline of my twitter profile the other day. Most of my networking platforms gathered dust for 6 months during the move. Without much conscious deliberation, I added balance point surfer to the list after author, publisher, etc. It wasn’t until a twitter contact queried whether that was some new variation on riding waves on a board that I thought about the precise meaning of what I’d so casually listed.
Are you riding forward on the balls of your feet, or back, reeling on your heels?

Balance is a common meme in my muse. My new residence aboard a sailboat has only increased that focus. Here is what I replied to the twitter query:

balance point surfer – tracking the moving nexus of tipping point lines, between health-conscious and health nut, stressed and too-laid-back, east and west, intro and extro-vert, logical and mystical...
standing, balancing on that spot, knees bent, leaning forward, [intuiting/gauging/feeling] through wave, current and wind-born spin-drift.

That’s not particularly precise. But descriptions of the myriad forces arrayed on either side of the scales could go on indefinitely. It’s also a many-layered puzzle, almost chaotic, julia set-like. Almost any term used to describe a particular weight can itself be sub-divided into balanced components. The process that carried too far, is dizzying (and unbalanced.)