Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Grabbing Attention With Xtranormal

Even within a fairly closed organizational communication system (email, department newsletters, internal hompage, meetings), it’s a challenge to get a message to stand out in the flood. Most of us are pretty numb to email. We have autonomic reflexes for deleting or moving things into “never to be checked again” folders. My most recent tool to capture eyeballs within the organization is an xtranormal.com video. I’d heard a story on NPR about it and then spent a couple of hours playing. My first effort was just to announce a project and do a little rumor control. It’s nothing fancy, but “The Resource Center” got some laughs and conveyed the message at the same time. You can play around on the site for free; but, you’ll have to forkout $10 for some “xtranormal points” to complete one and publish it to you-tube.

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