Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming...

firing squad photo by IMLS DCC

Beginnings… again. The universe knows I’m a problem solver, and has decided I’m not challenged enough.

I’ve been given the opportunity to experience the Great American Layoff firsthand. I wish I could say that the shortsighted axing of Education resources within an organization was new or surprising. In Healthcare specifically, only those that boldly restructure, making social networking and mobile communication the source of patient-service interaction, will survive. No point dwelling on the others, not much to learn. In a fearful knee-jerk, they shoot themselves in the foot, when there are miles yet to walk.

What I do best, and now seek another venue in which to do it, is communicate. I leverage the experience that only a little gray and facility with web presence tools can give. I craft a message with wit, humor, and punch, for the specific target audience. 
If you or someone you know needs a resource like me, please refer.

For various reasons, mostly distrust of Zuckerberg, Facebook is the last holdout for me in terms of significant online presence tools. The urgency of a job hunt makes it imperative to utilize its reach, so now I will hopefully be liked and friend-ed. You have, for a while now, been able to find me on LinkedIn (check for resume detail), Twitter (@russellstamets), Google+ (Russell Stamets), my blog (, my you-tube channel (russellstamets) or of course quaint old email (

If you don’t follow already, and care to look, you’ll notice that my focus for the last year has been on a diabetes advocacy project. Facebook updates are likely to point in that same direction.

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