Friday, January 6, 2012

They're Bettin' You've Got No Backbone

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photo by Sander van der Wel

C’mon people. They’re calling you out. They say you’re weak-willed and unable to fight. They say you’re so addicted to processed food you’d rather shoot up with insulin like a heroin junkie than give up your fries and soda.

Who are they? First, it’s the western docs who don’t have any real evidence that you’ve got enough backbone to change your lifestyle. They figure if pills and shots will keep you alive a little longer, it’s much quicker and easier, and they can focus on more interesting causes of death. Some physicians are included in the second set of “they”- those who stand to profit if you can be kept alive but still sick, dependent on pills, insulin, devices, frequent tests, and medical care for the many chronic complications of diabetes and all the other ills our toxic diet and lifestyle cause.

Please tell me now if they’re right. I can’t believe I’m unique in how I walked away from my alcohol and saturated fat. And I promise you, nobody loved their beer and cheesecake more than me. But what the hell is going on? Eating right works. The payoff is so obvious. Is the propaganda machine so good? I need to know. I’ll mount this soapbox as long as it takes if it’s just a matter of getting information out there. But if they’re right, and you really are lemmings, willingly walking off a visible cliff…

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