Monday, January 30, 2012

Believe in Magic?

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photo by Rafael Amado Deras

There’s no way you can beat diabetes or any of the related chronic diseases if you can’t answer “yes”. But it’s not about some incantation that will make the fish oil activate and magically reduce all the inflammation. You need to believe in magic in order to have the right perspective. If you don’t have a wide angle view of the universe, you’ll miss the fork in the road. If you’re looking down, all you’re going to see is the dog shit you've stepped in, and you’ll frown. Looking up and out, smile sources abound.  Sun, moon, stars, clouds, all of nature, and even eye contact with the passing stranger are all opportunities to feel the connection. It’s not a connection to make, it’s one to remember. It’s always there.  You've heard this before. “You’re an integral part of the cosmic whole”. Everyone chooses, consciously or not, whether to ignore it for some or all of their lives. I’m just somebody else telling you to stay “un-glazed over”.  How are the smile and the cosmic connection going to physically help your body heal? Bookstores full of books can provide reasons. I’m telling you that believing in magic validates your cosmic connection which makes you smile. If you’re smiling, it’s impossible to be a victim. If you’re not a victim, your stress is less. And reducing stress works like magic to prevent or eliminate chronic diseases like diabetes.

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