Saturday, February 4, 2012


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Perhaps it would make more sense to speak exclusively to the diabetes population. Several hundred million is a sizeable audience to focus on. Type 1 and 2 diabetics are theoretically more motivated to hear about a “cure”. They have more obviously immediate benefit (like not dying young or losing a limb). I’m showing diabetics a stark choice between a punctured, tethered, fretful life and one that’s an upgrade from the pre-diabetes self.

But on the quality of life scale, you have the typical diabetic at the low end, a regular, healthy, normal person up a few ticks to the right, and then this upgraded body I’m touting, far up out of sight on the wouldn’t-have-dreamed-possible side. I’m finding it extremely difficult not to attempt to communicate this discovery to normal, non-diabetics too. It’s a much harder sell. As I’ve stated before, I thought I was superman before diabetes. I was strong, healthy, felt great. I would have scoffed if told that what I thought was strong, healthy, and feeling great was a long way from the best possible. Sounds obvious, but the fact that it seems  less immediate if your life’s not threatened now makes all the difference. For normal folks there are so many days from now until death that the craved caramel latte right now seems insignificant as a contribution toward death. Tomorrow is soon enough to start. And how could giving up these little sins-that-make-life-bearable outweigh some dubious gain in wellness?

Such understandable human resistance to holistic claims coupled with the more sinister moneyed  interests’ propaganda will probably make this a back page story for years to come. Maybe longer if a few of us pitchmen weren't starting now. And too much is riding on this. A while back I labeled myself a canary in the cold mine. Anyone who really believes he sees where we we're headed, and doesn't try to warn, isn't serving his community.

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