Saturday, February 11, 2012

Terrorist Plot Targeting Gullible Type 2 Diabetics!

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What else could it be?  Assume for a minute that al-Queda or the Iranians wanted to round out their attack portfolio by planting a time bomb in the economy. They study our weak spots and come up with a plan to deliver a triple punch. They figure they can explode America’s debt, monkey wrench the healthcare system, and create millions of new drug users all in one fell swoop. They realize that corporate greed and the typical gullible American will do most of the work for them. They can even enrich their own terrorist treasure chest as a byproduct of their nefarious plan if they buy some stock in the companies selling insulin and insulin-delivery devices.

The core of the plan is to exploit the epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes by influencing the research and corporate propaganda that encourages the unnecessary use of insulin. They know that 98% of Type 2’s can be healthy or cured through diet and lifestyle changes. But western medicine and money are so tangled that keeping facts buried is easy. The terrorists know that the typical lazy-ass American will agree if told, “there’s no need to get up off the couch, and you certainly don’t have to give up your chips and beer. Just inject yourself with this nifty little needle-pen every few hours. Way better, huh? What the heck, insurance will pay!“

What a scheme. Millions of new, voluntary drug users spending billions of dollars siphoned out of the real economy into the hands of a few. Millions of fatter, weaker, dependent, less productive Americans will certainly sabotage the vitality and innovation that’s always kept the country strong.

It must be terrorists doing this, right? There’s no way we’d do this to ourselves, is there?


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