Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rescue Mission, Not Recovery

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Not counting the constant marketing buzz around new insulin pumps and other gadgets, I haven’t seen much relevant diabetes science coming across my screen in the last few months. Until today. Thanks to Kerri (@sixuntilme) for a tweet link to the news of Professor Bart Roep of Leiden University Medical Centre who published his findings on Tuesday. A quick PubMed search shows he’s an authority with a number of published stories I’ll add to my reading list. I’m surprised I haven’t run across his autoimmune research before. A quick search also shows he has no pharmaceutical industry money cluttering up his credibility. His research is the first support I’ve seen in a while for my theory that Type 1 diabetics have recoverable insulin producing capacity.

Per the article on the Radio Netherlands Worldwide site,

“Professor Roep discovered that people suffering from type 1 diabetes still have insulin-producing cells, albeit dormant. His discovery negates earlier research which concluded that these cells are completely absent in type 1 diabetes patients. If these cells can be reactivated the patient could be cured, even as long as 10 years after the original diagnosis was made."

Dormant, Eh? Our poor Beta cells, hunkered down, caught behind enemy lines, waiting for help. Current Type 1 diabetes establishment practice has written them off. Is it the marines that say, “No man left behind”? I KNEW mine were alive! Even in the scary times at diagnosis, scattered in among the morning fasting blood sugar readings over 300 were days in the 120s. The Betas were managing to get a signal through saying, “We’re here! Don’t know when we can get another shipment out…need air support…” Because if they were all or mostly dead, it would have been impossible to lower my blood sugar on any day, without insulin.

This is the crux of this so-called “fringe” message of mine. I just could never get past the question I asked originally—if ANY Betas are functioning, why not give them a chance? Of course, if you follow my experiment, you know I’m adding a little twist to what Professor Roep has found. He’s going to look now for something vaccine-like to “reactivate” beta cells. I’m reading the resurgence of my Betas as proof of the success of my diet and stressmodification. My sustained air campaign in support of the Betas has knocked out the T1 mortars, cutting their supply lines for alcohol, saturated fat, and other toxins.

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