Sunday, September 25, 2011

If You'd Rather Have a Daily Shot in the Stomach Than Give Up Beer...

Then you'll want to find another story.

Mine won’t be the only recipe for success in the fight against diabetes. But a recipe to follow isn’t the hardest part. You’ve got to rearrange your head to find a sustainable solution. As in forever. Can I eat grilled chicken and quinoa wrap-type things for the foreseeable? Probably. I can definitely eat fruit and nuts every day until I die. But it’s going to be different for everyone. Just how critical is the caffeine? When that chocolate crave hits, will granola suffice? Can you change your job and your life as necessary to jettison stress? Is it worth it? To Live? Hard for me to fathom a NO answer. But I’ve had a good life and wouldn’t mind adding to it. But not as a martyr. I have to believe this is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Not all will make the choice to live as a nutritional ascetic. Some will opt for the shot, an excuse not to go whole hog (pardon the pun). They’ll keep drinking, and they’ll rationalize the cookies and soda and the rest. “And the rest.” Those three words encompass the hardest bits. Figuring out who you are, actually going around and beyond those things we say about ourselves to others, and to ourselves. And we say it for enough years that we believe it, because it’s never tested.

All the comfortable, known, bedrock assumptions, actions, stunts, anecdotes, hobby specialties (rum, beer, Mexican food), philosophical positions, assessments of strengths and vulnerabilities, affiliations, bigotries, pipe dreams... it’s quite a “put your money where your mouth is” experience if you undertake such a tear down and re-build.

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