Thursday, September 22, 2011

My LADA: A Bird's Eye Perspective on a Misdiagnosed Piece of the Diabetes Epidemic

It's time to share. Much of the focus here will pivot to the story of my fight against Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults (LADA). My choice to bare, publicly, the details of this personal journey is not lightly decided. For my first 51 years, I've been quite private. But I've discovered a few things that may help others. I'll now post my body of evidence (pun intended) and findings to give anyone with diabetes or other chronic autoimmune/inflammatory diseases another perspective.

For my first 50 years, I guzzled beer, ate anything I chose, and was reasonably healthy and slim. Then I was told I had an irreversible autoimmune disease, a form of Type 1 diabetes called LADA. And the only road led to insulin, a daily shot in the stomach.

I said "Hell No. I'll find another way."
And I have. It's required a complete tear down and re-build to change the deep roots of stress and habit. But the result, besides normal blood sugar, is feeling better than I have for years, a whole different outlook, and expanded vs. restricted plans and dreams for my next 50 years.

This site will become the repository of what I call the evidence, including any documentation or results of my curation of the science around diabetes, autoimmune disorders, diet, exercise, and stress. For now, check out my Delicious bookmarks for a raw collection of my online interests. The "type 1" or "type 2" tags will filter for the diabetes links.

It's in daily conversations at work or at play that I most commonly find myself telling this story. Online, it's either in comments here, or via my twitter feed (@russellstamets), or on Google + (Russell Stamets) that the day to day thread will be spooled. If something I relate sparks a question, please ask, or comment.

As for disclaimers, is it not obvious? I'm no doc. I'm not offering a specific formula or recipe. Anyone who does is dishonest of deluded. Your solution, particularly resolving the stress component, will be utterly unique to you. You've got to build your own body of evidence. If you decide you trust my voice, it may help steer you to your goal.

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