Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Don't Settle For Spaghetti Sauce!

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The reason these beautiful jalapenos and habaneros are shown here a little wrinkled is that they, and the roma tomatoes are in the perfect state for making salsa. They have ripened in the colander on the counter for several days. Any longer and some will go bad. But right now, the sweetness and flavor is at the max.

Fresh salsa is a joy and prime sustenance for Kathy and me. I started making it every week in 1997 when we moved to Colorado from Santa Fe and found that what everyone else called salsa here tasted more like spaghetti sauce to us. We eat and use gallons of the stuff. Besides with chips, mix it with avocados for some great guac. Top eggs, or any meat with it. It’s one of my pre-diabetes pleasures that’s top-rated healthy.

It’s hard to get the perfect consistency without a Cuisnart. I’ve got an 11 cup unit and here’s how I make a full batch:

-toss in a few cloves of garlic and chop
-when habaneros are not in season, and the jalapenos and romas are average size, I use equal numbers, usually about 15 each. When I can get 2-3 habaneros, I cut the number of jalapenos in half.
Cut the stems off. Toss in the habaneros and chop. Toss in the jalapenos and chop.
-slice romas in 1/8’s and toss ‘em in, filling it up. There’ll be 3-5 remaining.
-add a tablespoon of coarse salt,  squeeze a whole lime into it, and add a couple of tablespoons of balsamic vinegar.
- chop exactly the right duration to NOT leave huge chunks and NOT make soup, about 8 seconds.
-Slice the remaining tomatoes (or as many as you can fit) in 1/8 ‘s or 1/16 ‘s and fill it up.
-chop just a few seconds. The nice thing about the Cuisnart is that the whole thing will get spinning in a really nice vortex that yields the perfect texture with practice.

This stuff will keep for at least 2 weeks in the fridge. We don’t know if it will keep longer because it’s always eaten by then. 

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