Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hiney Holders

A four legged stool is hard to build. It teeters unbalanced unless each leg is exactly the same length. And that length needs to be Goldilocks, right? Not too high, not too low… THIS stool needs to be the sweet-spot height that you can sit on all day and not be sore. Actually, since one of the legs has to do with not sitting around all day, this stool’s height really makes it comfortable to get up and active.
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photo by sarabbit

This stool is obviously the right height for your kitchen counter since another leg requires regular healthy eats. The kitchen counter leg height spec also satisfies the third leg requirement for a chill life. (Note: I use “chill” as my reference to the whole stress reduction component of my regimen.) Maybe a chill life means working from home (at the kitchen counter). It could just as well be the stool that’s perfect for your fly tying work bench or your easel.

The fourth leg represents a height that allows you to reach the supplement shelf in your medicine closet. This leg’s an educated guess, but it must be required. Stool designs before mine have had the other three legs and not succeeded. Other stool designs for reversing and re-building from Type 1 LADA diabetes are either missing one of these legs altogether, or are far short (or long).

As always, I respect the opinion of anyone who believes all this talk of stools is just a load of crap.

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