Monday, March 5, 2012

Out of the Wilderness

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Hot on the heels of the study by Professor Roep is another press release spotted in EurekaAlert! titled “Study finds some insulin production in long-term Type 1 diabetes”. This is the second study in a week refuting the idea that a Type 1’s beta cells are doomed as soon as the autoimmune attack begins:

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) research has found that insulin production may persist for decades after the onset of type 1 diabetes. Beta cell functioning also appears to be preserved in some patients years after apparent loss of pancreatic function.

My claims certainly sound more plausible with this kind of evidence. It’s been a huge obstacle just to get people to believe that that a Type 1 pancreas is actually worth fighting for. Now maybe the argument can shift to HOW we can reactivate beta cells. Both the recent studies assume the need to develop a pharmacological agent of some sort. If you’ve read much of my story, you know that I defended and rebuilt my pancreas with diet, supplements, and a huge focus on stress reduction including acupuncture, yoga, and meditation. That proposition will still be a hard sell for years to come. But it seems a much closer goal now.

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