Thursday, May 17, 2012

Congratulations! You Own The Patent

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The perfect health tool would benefit not just diabetics but the entire gamut of chronic autoimmuune inflammatory disease. It would be organic, containing no batteries, wire, plastic, or metal. It would function by neutralizing all impulses to eat any processed food toxins, or poisons like sugar. Instead, it would make us feel like it was natural and more than worth the effort to eat lean, fresh, and organic. It would accomplish this leaving no residual craving, desire, guilt, or victimhood.

This tool would prevent or reverse malfunctions like immune system attacks on the pancreas not only by regulating diet; it would make regular 24/7 activity an imperative. It would actually make it a joy to keep moving, choosing stairs, standing vs. sitting, and walking, walking like your life depended on it.

The most important regulatory function of this free, custom fit, cure-all organic life tool is stress control. It will prevent job, relationship, and other choices that lead to damaging continuous fight of flight response. To allow us to handle the events that aren’t choices that might trigger autoimmune attacks, this survival tool will prompt the user to be a practitioner of meditation. It will make us open to acupuncture, yoga, and pursuit of the true mind/body experience.

This miracle device will run as long as you live, be readily available to every citizen on the planet, and subject to no recall. Upgrades are automatic. Free, extra, hidden functions are included, available for when you’re ready to unlock them. This tool, if trained and used wisely, will provide not only perfect health and long life, it will be your sole source of passion, joy, ecstasy, wonder, and enlightenment. Just read the instructions. Those functions are null and void if you misuse this organ for purposes of anger, self-hate, or anything damaging.

Although portable, this master control unit weighs several pounds. The only place it can be carried, protected, and hooked up properly, is inside your skull. The best news is, it’s already there. Dust it off and use it.

Refusing the Needle: A Diabetic’s Natural Journey to Kick-Ass Health 
, by Russell Stamets
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