Friday, May 18, 2012

Signature Rant

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I know plenty of folks will do a bang up job describing all the misconceptions that the general public has about diabetes, so I think I’ll twist today’s prompt a little to look at misconceptions held by diabetics about diabetes. To be fair, what I’m asking well-informed, articulate diabetes bloggers to do is more about being open-minded. I can’t imagine how hard it would be, when “wolf” has been cried a thousand times, to still give a fair look at results as radical as mine. After all, “Type 1(LADA) pancreas’ just don’t come back to life after the honeymoon period.” It’s written in western medicine stone. And there’s no way in hell a natural solution with diet, supplements, activity and stress reduction could conceivably do it, right? And I suppose the world is full of liars and the delusional.

But here I am, insulin-free, kick-ass healthy proof that words like “irreversible” and “impossible” are used in error. I explain how I’ve done this and receive blank stares for a minute before the insulin-using listener turns back to the constant chit chat about what device to strap on next.

I’ll keep trying, but some days it’s all moving backward so fast I fear I’ll stumble and fall under the hooves of the stampede of even theType 2’s, for God’s sake, who are swayed now in droves by the pharma moneyed propaganda to unnecessarily use insulin. What a marketing coup that is. Just like politics I guess. The most moneyed message wins. Facts are meaningless. And no one is going to spend money to study or report on a free cure, no matter how many like me show that diet and stress are the key to the whole gamut of chronic, inflammatory diseases.

OK. That’s my trademark rant. How exactly do I think the DOC can remain openminded in the face of their decades of disappointments and money-skewed research?


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