Monday, May 28, 2012

Probably Need More Than 3

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If our healthcare and insurance system wasn’t broken they would treat me like a king. I’m saving the system tens of thousands of dollars by controlling my Type1 LADA naturally without insulin or frequent testing. Not only is the rest of the country not having to subsidize me, but the incredible state of health my diet, activity, and stress reduction regimen has brought me too guarantees I won’t be burdening the system with chronic cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, or other related care any time soon.

What an if! Instead, the reality is, even though I’ve effectively beat this otherwise resource-sucking disease, I’m unable to get anything but wallet-killing high-risk pool insurance. If our insurance system rewarded hard choices, innovative success, and true across-the-board savings, it would cover my organic foods that have removed the toxins from my body and stopped the immune attack. It would pay for the acupuncture that helps keep me balanced and un-inflamed.

The most important (and unlikely) insurance coverage I could use wouldn’t be insurance at all. Our whole money grubbing economic system would be replaced. Physicians ould be rewarded for how FEW tests and drugs they prescribe, actually graded on the health of their patients. Our ideal system would reward individuals who find work/life balance and would subsidize us for finding productive stress free lifestyles. The savings from reduced old age chronic care would more than offset.

Oh well. We’re just dreaming, right? It just seems that without the conflicts of interest of merging insurance, Pharma, hospitals, and physicians, some of these people might feel free to do the right thing. The physician could be trusted to suggest the right individual care that might often mean less than more. Insurance would be free to want people 100% well, so their claims would shrink. Their motives are suspect when they own device, drug and other healthcare businesses. And Pharma? Are they capable of functioning in mankind’s best interest? As long as we economically reward them for creating chemical erections versus research on real life threats, it seems unlikely.

If physicians, the insurance industry, hospitals, and Pharma were doing the right thing, than perhaps patients could be trusted, encouraged, and supported when taking charge of their own health.

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  1. The only problem is if we all had stress free life style we would not have anyone willing to work in this country.

  2. I think that for almost any job, there's s type of person who doesn't find it stressful. But it's not easy to make the match. Plenty of people work productively without stress. More of us would like to.