Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Speak No Evil (Dblogweek - Day 3)

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I have got get better at keeping my mouth shut. I have to remember that some members of my family don’t discuss health issues. Even life threatening episodes tend to go unmentioned, or if discovered, minimized and dismissed. If someone offers up an innocuous tidbit, it’s a sign of something dire.

I, on the other hand, am doing this crazy public blog and book thing with my LADA, discussing, dissecting, evaluating, and pondering even the minutest details of diet, blood sugar fluctuations, and stress drivers.

So when I happen to mention that “my numbers are up a little...”  that’s all they hear. And by normal family standards, they adjust that sentence fragment to mean something like I’m running constant blood sugars of 800 and there were a couple of ER visits involved. They are hearing that alternate story ending in their heads and missing the much less exciting actual end of the comment, something like “...I’ve had couple of fasting 140’s mixed in with the normal 110’s, kind of expected during this stressful, period while laid off.”

It doesn’t help that maintaining the blog, social media presence and promoting the book is pretty much my job at this point, and how much do any of us tend to talk about our jobs? Yeah, too much. So not talking shop around family is definitely my choice for today’s “something to improve” prompt.

Refusing the Needle: A Diabetic’s Natural Journey to Kick-Ass Health , by Russell Stamets
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  1. I definitely understand how you feel. I moved back in with my parents for a while and my mom started freaking out about my lows. Sometimes they don't understand that there's a normal variation in blood sugar levels and you can do everything perfect but still end up with unexpected results. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Maria. I guess we all know everyone means well, and it's just a measure of our patience to help them and us move forward with smiles and without stress.