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Colorado man mixes paleo-style diet, supplements, activity and acupuncture to cure autoimmune diabetes

Says lone self-researcher

Berthoud, April 20, 2012 – A researcher living in northern Colorado has identified a mix of eastern and western medicine techniques that halts the attack on insulin-producing cells in the pancreas and regenerates them – a breakthrough discovery that may ultimately help millions worldwide with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes avoid insulin and live normal lives.

The work on the multi-year project was led by blogger/poet Russell Stamets of the LADA group and researchers from the Health Center of Integrated Therapies. The results are recently published in Stamets’ ebook Refusing the Needle: A Diabetic’s Natural Journey To Kick-Ass Health, available through Amazon and

“Our work shows that pancreas function in late-onset autoimmune diabetics, and possibly all type 1’s, is recoverable. My drop in A1c to normal levels accompanied by a rise in C-peptide is unprecedented,” says Stamets. “None of the components of this treatment regimen is new in itself, but this appears to be the first time equal weight has been given to the diet, supplements, activity, and stress reduction aspects.”

In persons suffering from type 1 diabetes, the immune system launches a misguided attack on the insulin-producing beta cells, resulting in the cells' decline of insulin production and eventual loss of function.

Without insulin, the body's cells cannot absorb glucose from the blood and use it for energy. As a result, glucose accumulates in the blood, leaving the body's cells and tissues starved for energy. That's why people with the disease must inject insulin and monitor their blood glucose levels constantly. To cure type 1 diabetes, it’s necessary to develop methods to increase beta cell replication and activation, hence the potential therapeutic importance of the current study.

In his work, Mr. Stamets devised a modified paleo diet (included whole grains and legumes) combined with a supplement set designed at glycemic and damage control and immune system function along with significant lifestyle changes including consistent activity and acupuncture and meditation for stress control.

Stamets recorded significant drops in A1c after 5 months, leveling off in the normal range (about 5.8) and remaining steady as the study continues.

“This means that the increasing push to put any diabetic immediately on insulin, and the accompanying costs to our healthcare system and diabetic’s quality of life, may be misguided,” says Stamets, who along with his acupuncturist/nutritionist, and with oversight from his physician D.O. have committed to continue the self-funded study.

The challenge, admits Stamets, is to find support for long-term studies, which are difficult to fund, particularly in lines of research with un-patentable findings, no matter how great the success.


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