Sunday, April 29, 2012

Five by Five on a Two by Four
photo by jimmypk218

He stayed hunkered down until the ground stopped shaking. When he finally raised his head, it was a changed world. The road he’d been travelling was gone. The ground had fallen away to the left, right, and behind. Only a sliver of path remained, winding up through the swirling dust, a two by four sized ridge top with an abyss on either side. Somehow he pushed aside paralyzing fear, stood, and stepped carefully, calmly forward, summoning a balance he didn't know he had.

Refusing The Needle: A Diabetic’s Natural Journey To Kick-Ass Health by Russell Stamets
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tags: type 1, type 2, autoimmune, diabetes, lada, natural, alternative, diet, supplements, acupuncture, meditation, lifestyle, HAWMC


  1. you have an amazing style of writing, Russel, and i enjoy reading your posts. this is a great one!

    1. Thank you! A compliment like that is a huge pick me up.