Thursday, April 12, 2012


photo by Seattle Municipal Archives

Sigh. Stream of consciousness? Give me a freakin’ break. A s the prompt suggests, this might be of use to the author, but there’s no way this peek into the raw data stream can inform or clarify to my audience. Although, with a microscopic audience, maybe the risk is less.
And Kathy will attest to the fact that the ENTIRE contents of the conveyor belt running through my head are not fit for human consumption. I spend considerable effort and time culling coherent bits to try and assemble something useable.
It’s just that I broadcast on all wavelengths at once. Conjectures on cabinet handle functionality form only nanoseconds apart from, or maybe even within the discussion on the sorry state of the school system. Or the fact that it’s trash day and I didn’t load up all the extra cans with junk. Junk we’ve only got another 6 weeks to get rid of before we list the house. Junk that’s not going to fit on the boat or go into storage or be sold. If I could remember on Wednesday’s to load up a few cans for pickup, I could save a trip to the dump. But it’s not so much remembering. It’s on my android calendar, staring me in the face on Wednesday. It’s more about prioritization and the dazzling array of lists and lists of lists attempting to make this not quite add-hoc adventure happen. I can’t imagine how much junk we’d have collected if we’d stayed in this house another 20 years. What’ll fit on a 45 foot sailboat? Not much. It’s wonderful to simplify. If that, and fixing up the house to sell in a couple of months were the only tasks, it would seem too easy. Unfortunately, ... (wow, 15 min goes fast)

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  1. For me, the most frustrating stream of consciousness occurs during the sleepless periods of the night. The brain is awake and reaching solutions; the body is not, so those solutions go unrecorded.

  2. What a great point! A friend of mine encouraged me to try to remember dreams. It's really hard for me to snatch any pieces of them before they evaporate, but the few times I have, this dream-savvy friend of mine has "explained" them in some pretty cool ways. So you might be able to get some use out of that brain work.