Saturday, April 7, 2012

Quitting The Daily Schtick

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My signature daily tweet for the last year has squeezed 4 sections into the allotted 140 characters: my morning fasting blood sugar (the only one I take), a few words of wisdom or a hint about my regimen, the number of days since my diagnosis, and my blog address. Today’s would be:

121 #bgnow – look up! don’t fear to trip – 1064 days with #Type1 #LADA #Diabetes & #Insulinfree

I skipped the last couple of days while occupied with producing content for the Health Activist Writers Month Challenge. And those were good BS days, 104 and 106. But they’re all pretty good these days. Which begins to get to the point.

Why continue? I write that daily finger stick testing provides no benefit if you’re controlled without insulin. The lab test of A1c every 3-months is the only evidence-based measure of blood sugar levels. And daily tracking still poses some obsession risk and opportunity for unnecessary stress. So why continue? Until I published the book 10 days ago I felt I needed the data to detail my LADA reversal.

 But now? I doubt the daily tweet of my blood sugar raises awareness in anyone not already following my story. It’s certainly not going to sway the opinion of those who think I’m nuts. And then there’s the cost. The insurance I’ve had provides test strips at no cost. But that insurance was through the job I was laid off from last November. It runs out next month. Even assuming I find some million dollar deductible private replacement plan, I doubt those little strips, worth more than their weight in gold, will be included. So all things considered, it appears to be the perfect time to put (save) my money where my mouth is, and cut back on testing.

I hear the gasp. The diabetes establishment is currently throwing everything, including the kitchen sink, into campaigns to INCREASE testing. Even if some of it is questionably funded, I’m not about to argue with data showing better outcomes via more testing and awareness. And for the completely unaware or clueless, anything is better than remaining couch bound with the processed food feedbag strapped on.

The message of my experiment is not for the unmotivated. You need to give a sh*t about your health to even contemplate the changes required to improve it. But never mind that for now. The compatibility of my message and intended audience with that of the mainstream is beyond the scope of this post. In any case, the usefulness of a daily broadcast of my “number” is past. I might wean myself off the habit with a weekly stick, and I suppose I’ll still record it. If you’re ever curious, you can still check out the Excel tracking file from my Russell’s Daily Blood Sugar Log  link. Guess I’ll have to change “daily” to “occasional”.

Refusing The Needle: A Diabetic’s Natural Journey To Kick-Ass Health by Russell Stamets
ebook available for all devices at
tags: type 1, type 2, autoimmune, diabetes, lada, natural, alternative, diet, supplements, acupuncture, meditation, lifestyle, HAWMC


  1. I know I need to to test my blood sugar at least every day. Right now I'm doing it twice a day. It is really a matter staying focused on the need to keep it low. I have a habit of forgetting I have diabetes. I applaud you if you can deal with this without testing. I can't.

    1. You make a great point. Anytime the number is over 126 it's been a reminder. Maybe I'll see if I can manage once a week. I guess I was really thinking more about the decision to quit the daily tweet of my number. And like a friend just reminded me, I'll want to test sometimes based on a hunch or feeling. Thanks for the reply.

  2. "...the message of my experiment is not for the unmotivated....compatability of message with intended audience vs mainstream....beyond the scope of the post" Well jah! This is evident and yet....that audible gasp, of which I made myself (Yikes!), is there by virtue of the proverbial 'couch and processed food feedbag' to which you illude. :)
    Ah that we could all be all we can be! You, Captain, are a beacon of progressive light. Blush if you must- but handle the handle! That great dome of yours has been blessed with more than perhaps your beta cells recieved. Hence- you can do the things you have done. And I applaud you. Additionally, I believe, all things associated with the AMA- indeed WFM (western pharmaceutical medicine) give reason for suspect and concern...none the less- being who we collectively are (which is not a Captain Russ) the need to direct, bring into the fold, terrify (very passive/aggressive and low road tactic fasure) give frequent motivational opportunities (regular glucose testing)to enhance involvement of the flock in their own well-being is required. Just my guess for the emphasis on testing. Well, stop the schtick then. And, yeh, listen to your own good internal directives! This would be - Lee

  3. For myself question is, "Should I weigh every day?", and the answer is "Yes". It is often discouraging, but it is the reminder that it takes NO time to gain 1-3 lbs, and that goes over the limit.

  4. That's a good comparison. I'm still not sure what I'll do when the test strips aren't free anymore. It'll be a hard habit to quit, if I do.