Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Mascot, Huh?

I suppose it would be nice to have something to replace the beer logos that might’ve adorned my baseball caps once upon a time. I thought about a little Buddha. He’s kind of my shoulder angel. But he’s not really suitable as a mascot. People might get the wrong idea.

Mr. Almond
So why not my good buddy Mr. Almond? He’s without question my #1 junk food replacement. A bag of him and his cohorts are with me at all times. I consume pounds of these wonderful nuts. There’s plenty of science showing their benefit for diabetics. The fibrous nature of Mr. Almond makes him very nice and slowly metabolized. He almost counts for nothing as a carb because of his un-rushed progress in my gut. He’s a healthy influence on other carbs and sugars too. If I eat something with a higher glycemic index along with a handful of Mr. Almond, he’ll slow them down too. And for me, a nut's fat is a needed replacement for the animal saturated fats (including dairy) that I must shun.

Mr. Almond is wonderfully low maintenance. He stores a long time, doesn’t need refrigeration, He certainly doesn’t crush easily so he can be tossed in the backpack along with tools and end up no worse for wear. California seems to grow a gazillion, which must help keep the cost so low. At least compared to my ex-best-buddy Mr. Potato Chip.

I suppose he could use a little graphic design help. With only a sideways glance you might mistake him for South Park’s Mr. Hanky Poo.

Refusing The Needle: A Diabetic’s Natural Journey To Kick-Ass Health by Russell Stamets
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  1. oh i love Mr. Almond!! And I eat a zillion of them too!

  2. Wonderful! I figured he had some fans out there.